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Her Concept, Her Calligraphy, Her Art!

Sometimes noted as "La Regina dixit, scripsit, et pinxit," behold a sampling of the many pieces created under her own steam to share with young and old. These works are the products of the energies and ideas that have blossomed out of her daily practice of calligraphy. Her tumble down the rabbit hole brought her to a delightful subterranean world of connections, which inspired her to utilize her skills to express enthusiasms for works such as "Hot Mamas of the Millennium," "How to 'Just' Say No to Drugs," "Ding Bats and How to Do Them," "True Romance," "Gleaming the Cosmic Lexicon," and many more. She has also created over 5,000 favorite quotations (including many of her own,) which are available in a 5-1/2"X8-1/2" format as mini-posters.

Many of these images are available on ImageKind.

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winged alphabet

Winged Alphabet
The original “Winged Alphabet” manuscript is in a private collection. The size of the original image area is about 16”X 16”. I recommend that you order prints around that same size, though I do believe the art can reduce all the way down to post card size. The names on the bottom are of the birds chosen, at my pleasure, for the letters. Calligraphers take note: I have endeavored to sneak a wee calligraphy lesson into the painting by emphasizing the distinguishing characteristics of each letter. I enjoy doing alphabets on various subjects and I also do “custom” alphabets for individuals. Might you be interested in a personalized alphabet for a loved one, including their own name? In the planning stage: The Golfer’s Alphabet.

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Treasure Your Island
This graphic is my craft, design, and concept: a plea for peace on Earth and awareness of the precious nature of our island in the cosmos. Reproduces well in all sizes available.

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All Things Are Connected
This is a repeat pattern, meant to suggest the connectedness of all things; to be rich in color, in keeping with the principles of illumination and the richness of the idea. This piece reproduces well in all sizes available.

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Hot Mamas
This is a major work, the original being a pure manuscript with my wording, calligraphy, and painting. It is intended to be an empowerment for women: encouraging, enlightening, entertaining, inspiring, and educational. As a print it will read best if kept the same size as the original, whose "image area" is 17 3/4"wide by 25 1/4" high.

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True Romance
This is true romance! A little fairy tale about a couple in love happily ever after. I wrote his as well as calligraphed and painted it. A fine wedding gift, which reproduces well at all sizes available.

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